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    Song Jun, the mayor of the company, followed the research of our company, and the general manager of the company, Fan Jianzhao, was accompanied by the company.
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    Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Song Junji led the municipal departments responsible person to my district organizations Saturday business day activities, to some enterprises in the field of research and held seminars, and the responsible person of the enterprise face-to-face communication, help them solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of the. Vice mayor Hong Yuzhen, vice president of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference and Zhang Jinlun, director of the Municipal Administration of municipal administration, and the Secretary General of the municipal government, Gao Hongyan, participated in the activities. Party secretary Rong Hongzhi, deputy secretary, mayor Liu Peiguo, Li Kai, director of the office of Party committee, Vice Mayor Liu Guangtao district leaders accompanied by activities.

    Song Junji and his entourage to the day of the new Mstar Technology Ltd, Mstar Technology Ltd, Huayao metal powder Lai Xin Technology Co., Ltd. Qilu paint and other enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, a detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises.

    In the symposium, the head of the enterprise spoke successively and put forward the difficulties and problems in the development of the enterprise. The municipal departments, such as the municipal administration, the Municipal Committee of letters and commissions, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal People's Bureau, the municipal finance office, the municipal land and Resources Bureau and other municipal departments, respond to these questions one by one, and propose solutions and suggestions.

    Song Junji pointed out that for the further optimization of enterprise system, improve the pertinence, constructive and effective system, the city of innovation on the basis of the original work, in-depth production workshop, the project construction site, to learn about the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction enterprises, production and other aspects of enterprise development, understand the desire, encouragement and support the development of enterprises.

    Song Junji demands that departments at all levels should serve actively and actively to create a good environment for the development of enterprises. To accelerate the enterprise into the park, improve the park facilities, optimize the investment environment; to truly find out the difficulties and needs of enterprises, help enterprises to reduce costs and solve problems, help enterprises bigger and stronger; to strengthen the sense of responsibility, to be responsible for the development of responsible attitude to the enterprise, really put in place, do solid for helping enterprises. Each department should strengthen communication and cooperate with each other to form a work force. The Dongchangfu district should speed up the development of the productive service industry, the living service industry and the science and technology service industry, and build a new economic growth point.

    Song Junji stressed that enterprises should increase the pace of technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, and constantly improve the core competitiveness, reduce business costs, accelerate the construction of R & D center, Dr. workstation technology research and development platform, and constantly improve the level of science and technology platform, to provide important support for the transformation and upgrading; and to do everything possible to increase scientific research institutes and universities cooperation, the introduction of advanced technology and talent; to strengthen capital operation awareness, accelerate the transformation of joint-stock enterprises, promote the standardized operating capital, diversified marketing to increase product market share, expand the space for development and financing channels, make full use of the "Internet plus" enhance the development efficiency.