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    Catalyst materials play a catalytic role in the synthesis of diamond, and can significantly reduce the conditions for the conversion of graphite to diamond. Without the involvement of catalyst materials, graphite to diamond transition temperature at about 2000 DEG C, the pressure between 15-20GPa; in the catalyst material in the presence of transition temperatures can plummet to 1300 degrees Celsius, the pressure is significantly reduced to 5-6GPa. It is the participation of catalyst materials that enable synthetic diamond to be produced in large quantities.
    In 2010, the company began in May, the company began to diamond synthesis catalyst technology research and product development, after years of technical research and development experiments, product quality has steadily improved, product types are also increasing, perfect. At present, the main catalyst material of our company is the most widely used iron and nickel alloy water atomization catalyst at home. In the production process, it has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and stable and controllable quality. At present, our company fully mastered the production of synthetic diamond catalyst technology, its production process and formula adjustment technology to explore the experiment, fully owned independent intellectual property rights. The synthesis of various kinds of diamond catalyst formulations for different sizes and colors can meet the needs of different users. Has developed products include: used for catalyst alloy sheet diamond single crystal, colorless and transparent diamond single crystal production industry, for the production of MBD, SMD catalyst powder grade diamond crystal, as well as for the production of EMD grade high yield of I type catalyst material.
    Catalyst powder production process: using domestic leading technology of iron nickel alloy water atomization catalyst production. The first is the raw materials into a smelting furnace with good liquefaction in melt mixing, the molten metal surface except the middle drain bag into the impurities, and by placing on the bottom of the high temperature liquid metal slip, condensation into a diameter of more than 10mm flow quickly into the atomizing chamber. The atomizing chamber by using inert gas, liquid metal flow through the diversion effect of tundish and nozzle etc., can enter the area through atomizing high pressure water jet impact. According to the process requirements, the pressure medium in the high-pressure pipe is controlled to 30--50Mpa, and at the instant of contact, the metal liquid is broken into a metal droplet, and the metal powder is rapidly cooled into the bottom of the atomizing device. When the metal powder atomization device in the accumulated to a certain extent, open the valve at the end of the meal. A hydrocyclone with water powder separation is designed at the bottom of the device, which is used to discharge atomized water and collect the atomized powder continuously. The metal powder is further dehydrated and dried, and can be stored and sold after screening, packaging and quality inspection.
    The key of catalyst production is the process of injection. The nozzle structure, nozzle distribution, injection pressure, injection mode and influent mode will affect the production quality of catalyst. On the basis of the original production equipment, we have carried on the technical transformation to the production equipment, the production catalyst synthesis quality has stepped onto a step. After upgrading technology, equipment powder once qualified rate increased from 75% to 88%; the production efficiency is obviously improved, increased from the original 150kg/ hours 70kg/ hours; the particle size of the product concentration was obviously improved, the peak particle size mainly distributed in -625 in order to fine. Because the size control of fine powder catalyst, large surface area, mixing granulation pressing stem catalyst and high pure graphite contact fully, enhance the catalytic effect not only reduces the synthesis conditions, and the quality of synthetic diamond has been significantly improved, deep yellow color, transparency of the above.

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