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    Source :www.linksyssmartwifi-setup.net Author :Laixin Hits: Date:2017/10/28 16:20:08

    Mother powder additive technology is the catalytic synthesis of diamond powder core technology. Catalytic synthesis of diamond powder in addition to the two raw materials, graphite and metal catalyst, also need a different kind of additive technology, this kind of additive and adding technology directly determines the particle size, particle size of synthetic diamond concentration degree and the stability of production quality. Around 2003, powder catalyst method start in the domestic market gradually promotion, the competitiveness of the flake synthesis technology began to decline. By 2006 powder process basic replaced the sheet in the market process, the technology for hybrid pressed powder raw material instead of flake graphite and metal catalyst, the lower the manufacturing cost, yield about five times higher than plate assembly way, and of better quality of diamond synthesis. Catalytic synthesis of diamond powder technology, one of the most core is mother powder additive technology,.

    To grasp in the production of diamond core control technology, reduce production costs and improve product competitiveness, the company set up a technology research team, focus on the powder additive technology research and development research experiment. Through unremitting efforts, in 2009 technical team finally successfully mastered the technique, broke the monopoly industry, reduces the production cost, became the first domestic companies rely on independent research and development to master the technology. In recent years, our company constantly to experiment, improve the technology, the technical level is in the domestic leading position. Using my company's mother powder additive technology of synthetic core column, the synthesis of diamond. Test effect of 40/45 peak analysis, morphology detection Morphoiogy inspection: ovality ellipicity (Fe) 1.0163, roundness roungness (Fc) 1.0835; Main single particle size by more than 60% or higher, the three main granularity material is about 90%.