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    High purity graphite powder material is the most basic raw material for the synthesis of artificial diamond, can satisfy under the condition of high temperature and high pressure in the compressor equipment into synthetic diamond, directly affect the color penetration of synthetic diamond and the status of the indicators. High purity graphite technology is the outsourcing of ordinary flake graphite, over high temperature tube furnace tubes gradually heating up, high temperature control when purified graphite remain above 2500 ℃, using slow through an inert gas clearing out various impurity or high temperature volatile harmful elements.

    After dealing with the high temperature furnace tubes of flaky graphite, strictly control the content of impurities to 30 parts per million, is used in the production of the synthetic diamond, inner purity and integrity was improved obviously. Stability, in order to ensure the quality of the production of high purity graphite company optimization and upgrading of production technology for screening process after cool first, then using negative pressure automatic feeding device mass batch mixing, increase the stainless steel medium to improve the effect of mixing. After the optimization and upgrading of production technology, the production of high purity graphite synthetic diamond stable indicators, hydrostatic strength Static testing the highest expected index p 42 kg, impact toughness, impact to hold test, thermal shock index TTI 76% or higher, cold blunt TI 83% or higher.