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    Shandong province liaocheng xin superhard materials co., LTD
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    Business philosophy: customers, partners, investors, build a harmonious family, respect and care for every member of the family;

    Service concept: customer is the family;

    Quality idea: the pursuit of quality is better than the pursuit of profit, to ensure the quality of the whole process of zero defect;

    One idea: let the right people to do the right thing, let every piece of "gold" light;

    Talent concept: attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, enterprise is also run schools, no promises to provide life-long employment opportunities, but efforts to cultivate employee's lifelong employment ability;

    Team concept: teamwork is better than fight alone;

    Communication concept: only CARES about "what is right," don't care who is right;

    Learning philosophy: collective knowledge update ability is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, learning bring us transnormal development speed.

    Work ethic: begins with careful, goodness.

    Life philosophy: do responsible family, responsible employees, be responsible citizens;

    Work environment concept: not political debate, don't discuss religion, don't talk about personal life.